Frequently Asked Questions

Office Operations

What are your office hours?
Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. until 4:15 p.m.

What communities does Fox Valley Metro Police Department serve?
The Villages of Kimberly and Little Chute.

How do I get copies of an accident report?
Come to the front window of the police department, but, allow 3-5 office days to ensure that it is completed. You may want to call ahead at 788-7505 to see if the report is completed. There is a minimum of $2 charge.

Can I get Vehicle registration forms at the police department?
Yes, we have the most common DOT forms here, or CLICK HERE to download them.

Where do I get a bike license?
Both Kimberly and Little Chute residents can get a bike license at the Police Department. Kimberly residents can also get a license at the Kimberly Municipal Complex at 515 W. Kimberly Ave. There is no charge for a bike license.

Where do I license my dog?
Little Chute residents license their dogs at the Police Department. Kimberly residents license their dogs at the Kimberly Municipal Complex, 515 W. Kimberly Ave.

Do cats need a license?

Where do I pay for a ticket I received?
If it is before the court date, it can be paid at the Police Department. If it is after the court date, it must be paid at the Village Hall address shown on the ticket (108 W. Main St for Little Chute, 515 W. Kimberly Ave. for Kimberly)

How can I pick up my property that the Police Department is holding?
You must call 788-7505 during office hours to set up a time to pick up the property.


Can I park on the street overnight?
Overnight parking is not allowed on Village streets from 2:00 a.m. until 6:00 a.m. from November 1st through April 1st.

Can I operate a motorized scooter on the road?
Generally, no. You can operate a “Segway” type vehicle (side by side tires, self balancing) on both the street and sidewalks, but other types of motorized scooters are illegal to operate.

Do I have to display both license plates on my vehicle?
If your vehicle was issued two plates originally, both must be displayed. This would include all automobiles, vans, SUVs and light trucks.

Can I add colored lights to my vehicle?
Yes… if they are the right color. Vehicles can only show white or amber light to the front and red or amber light to the rear. Other colors, such as blue or green, cannot be displayed at all.

Do I need a special license to operate a Moped?
Generally, anyone with a valid drivers license may operate a moped. However, it is not legal to operate a moped with only a valid instruction permit. You may obtain a special restricted license, valid only for the type of vehicle on which you take the road test. Your nearest drivers license examination station can give you details.

Can I have a passenger on a Moped?
No. Mopeds are “driver only” vehicles, even if they are equipped with seats and foot pegs for a passenger.
Do Police have to allow 5 miles over the speed limit before they can write a ticket?
No. The speed “limit” is the fastest you can legally go. Anything over that is illegal. The reason you don’t get a ticket when going a few miles an hour over the limit is simply because the Police are such nice people, not because they can’t.

Is it illegal to drive barefooted?
No, in fact, on lengthy trips, it is recommended to take off your shoes once in a while while driving to help keep yourself alert.

Is it true that if a guy is driving a car with an underage girl in it that is barefoot, he can be arrested for statutory rape?
Huh? No… her mom just spread that rumor so that she’s not showing off her toes.

Do cops really eat donuts?
They prefer steak, they just can’t afford it.

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